Entities Agree To Promote Dominican Gastronomy As Country Brand

Entities Agree To Promote Dominican Gastronomy As Country Brand

Gastronomía Diplomática” (in English: Diplomatic Gastronomy) is an international promotion strategy for Dominican Gastronomy.

By: Jorge BáezSANTO DOMINGO  03/13/2019

With the aim to promote Dominican Gastronomy, thus achieving its internationalization, and promoting the country as a culinary standard worldwide, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) and Tourism (MITUR) underwrote an MOU on Wednesday afternoon with the asset management firm INICIA.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miguel Vargas, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Fausto Fernández, on behalf of Tourism Minister Francisco J. García and the VP of Communications and Institutional Relations of INICIA, Angie Bergés, underwrote the initiative.

As was explained by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the initiative aims to “promote Dominican gastronomy all over the world, through this new program called “Diplomatic Gastronomy”, which also seeks to strengthen our tourism and country brand”.

Vargas Maldonado said that the initiative also solidifies the public-private partnerships. Proof thereof is the partnership with INICIA, which he explained, has already carried out works of similar nature by organizing events and publishing the book “Sabores Ancestrales” (*Ancestral Flavors), which narrates the gastronomic history of our country.

He also added that “Gastronomy is a symbol of the identity of each country, and so this initiative aims to achieve that when the words “Sancocho”, “Pasteles en Hoja” (*pockets or Dominican-style tamales), Oregano-spiced goat, are spoken or heard, that they immediately connect to the Dominican Republic”.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the MITUR, DM Fausto Fernández expressed that our gastronomy is “one of our national fortes”. The MIREX-INICIA-MITUR initiative will create the “perfect synergy to highlight this virtue of the Dominican People.

Anyarlene Bergés from INICIA said “we believe wholeheartedly that our country can feel proud of its priceless cultural heritage. The myriad dishes that compose our gastronomy, are already a trademark unlike no other”.

Diplomatic Gastronomy: is an initiative created by Chef Inés Páez, also known as “Chef Tita”. It consists of promoting our national gastronomy for business purposes by way of our foreign service representatives. This initiative is fostered under Resolution 06-2017, of December 7th, 2018.

SOURCE: https://www.diariolibre.com